The most frequently asked question we get from our customers is – “How much does it cost?”. Have you also been wondering about the video production costs?

Having this question asked is no doubt, a common thing. In this post, I would like to clarify this question. If you are willing to produce a video on your own or to hire the professionals, but you are not aware of the costs – this read is for you.

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109699779_1316406118566300_5613340159976690949_nTo ease your understanding of the costs. I will structure the post in three sub-topics:

  • Process of video production
  • Bubble-ly graph of video production costs
  • Benefits of working with us

These sub-topics serve you to understand more in-depths of the production process and give an idea of where do the costs come from.

Take into consideration the fact, that all the costs are subjective to the project and its complexity.

Process of video production

I hope that by reading this post you will be able to clarify certain moments of video production for yourself and as I said will be able to either execute the task on your own or address the professionals by having more in-depth knowledge.

To begin with, there are three major processes in video production, which are preparation, execution, finalisation. These are Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, named accordingly. These processes are directly influencing the video production costs. Here, I will give you a brief description of each one of them so that you had an overview of what video production actually is.

Pre-Production is where it all starts. From an idea until the finalised plan (dates, actors, props, equipment, script) of video production. In other words, pre-production is preparation before filming a video.


Is the most important step in the whole video production process. So please, make sure you pay attention to your details during that step. Let me explain this phase of the process in more detail. First, the preparation for the filming starts with an idea or general view of the whole plot. After you have got an idea of what you want to create, what needs to be done, is to plan it out in more detail by writing down a script, making a screenplay + basic animations in motion (optional). When you are done with putting your idea down on paper and thinking through the details. You start to search for locations, actors, inventory and equipment.

The industry has made video production a very thought-through process, which is a good thing. It allows producers to save time during and between the projects.

A well prepared professional will have much higher chances of making a quality promotional video, than the unprepared one. It will have a major effect on the Production step.


Now that you have prepared everything, found actors, equipment, dresses, locations, have revised the script – you are ready to go! Production step is an execution of the plan with a healthy amount of freestyle. Perhaps, your actors know better how to express certain emotions or feelings, or they might twist the phrases slightly for the sake of naturalism.

Moreover, an important nuance here is to be able to execute camera shots with accordance with your vision of the script. So think through how you are going to do that, as it will play the major role in the perception of video and significantly ease things up in the post-production phase.

One more thing to mention,  take care of your actors. They are people and they require to access all the basic human necessities, such as food, drinks and toilet. You do not want grumpy fellas around.

After you are done with your video production step. It is time to move on to the post-production. That is, where all of the components come to their logical conclusion.


This is the step, where the magic happens. From all of the raw footage you have made during the production step, the picture of the final product starts to slowly appear. Hours and hours of filming revised to compose them a 1 to 3-minute video.

Let’s talk about it. After you are done with filming the raw footages you need to compose all of them into one solid video in a specific procedure. First, edit the footages, so that they suit your initial script and follow the desired rhythm. Second, create or finish the 2D / 3D graphics scenes, if you need them. Third, compose the music and sounds for each of the cuts, transitions and so on. The last, but not least is the colour correction. It is important as it gives the right mood of the video clip to the viewer.

For example, warm colours of the video create a friendlier, healthier and more welcoming overall picture, than the cold ones. However, it does not mean you should be using warm colour all the time! Cold ones can be used to deliver a more dramatic feeling. Both of the directions are great. Mix them up. Find a balance and – BOOM!

Bubble-ly graph of video production costs

As I have mentioned in the previous chapter, the production of a video is a long and costly endeavour. Consisting of a lot of steps to be made, precautions to be taken and things to be considered. Let the “bubble-ly graph” above not scare you. The costs of the project would depend on the specifics of your project. We can discuss that anytime, just press the green button on your screen. 

Some of the projects might require only two of all of the bubbles. Some would require more than that. The reason, why such agencies exist is to ease your process of finding and connecting all of these elements (i.e. actors, filming crew, editors, scriptwriters) and, as a bonus, cutting the costs on the production by outsourcing it to the professionals, who know something in this field.

Reasons, why you should choose us are explained next.

Benefits of working with us

You are guaranteed not to spend any extra money, by filling in a request in our studio:

  • An approximate price of the project is announced after the elaboration of the idea
  • Shown prices are much smaller than the industry standard ones
  • We have our own actor base, qualified professionals and equipment in our access – which guarantee a “job well done”.

Now that you are aware of what it takes to produce a promotion video – we hope you will be able to either professionally execute the task yourself or address the professionals with all of the knowledge you need!

In case you need more help contact us by filling in the form or press the “Call Now” button on your screen.

We highly recommend you to get in touch with us if you are having a project on your mind and you wish to make it come to life!

Written by

Nikita Podretsnev

Velvet Line Studio Creative Manager

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