The post-production phase is the finalization of the project. Giving your video a wholesome and solid look. Carefully, wrapping it up and adding the finishing touch to it. Consequently, this is what we at Velvet Line Studio are doing and we would like to introduce you to our approach. Hopefully, you will be able to learn to execute the procedure yourself or contact the professionals with the alike knowledge.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is Video Post-Production Phase?
  • The Procedure to Follow
  • Why Velvet Line Studio is a Good Choice for You?

Without any further hesitations and introductions, I am inviting you to join me on the ride to heaven. Kidding, just a video post-production phase guide…

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What is Video Post-Production Phase?

The video post-production phase is the phase where you unite all of the raw footages into one flowing and symbiotic film. Which would, additionally, help viewer to immerse into the environment utilizing sounds, music, special effects and transitions. Consequently, leading to having a viewer-oriented informational/commercial/entertaining clip and even movies.

The Procedure to Follow

During the video post-production phase, it is not necessary to follow the specific structure. However, doing certain steps before or after might save you some time. For example, the color correction of the film should be done last. In case you would like to add or remove certain scenes. And, 2D/3D graphics scenes could be done during the production phase and so on and so on. So, it is up to you to decide how to structure your approach during that phase. Our recommendation is to follow the path of the least resistance. If something can be done earlier – do it!

I will just introduce you to some steps, which are taken during the video post-production phase, and, their execution will depend on your creativity. As well as, what you have got in mind for your project.


Editing is the step during which you put all of the shots, music, transitions and effects together to have a flowing picture in the end. Thus, this is the step where the whole post-production starts and ends. In other words, it can start by putting the shots together and put aside before the in-between steps are finished. Such as compositing and 2D/3D graphics.

2D/3D Graphics.

Making of 2D/3D graphics is an intermediary step. Therefore, it can exist in your project or you can abstain from it – depends on the project. Consequently, it would mean that it can be done in any order of the whole video production process. So, it is up to you decide on when to start with this step.


Music writing, also known as, sound engineering. Is an important step as it would help your viewers to immerse into the environment you are creating. Good sounds decisions would make the picture wholesome and vibrant. Therefore, it is advised not to underestimate this step.

Color Correction.

Part of the editing. Importantly, is done at the end of the whole video production process and post-production accordingly. When everything is ready, all shots support each other and music is vibrant. It is time to give your video a finishing touch with the colour correction. Consequently, the colour correction fixes or enhances the lights and colours of the picture. Which immerses your viewer into the environment even more.

And it’s ready. Your video has just passed from an idea to actual execution and finalization. Give yourself applause, because it was a long process.

Why Velvet Line Studio is a Good Choice for You?

Without a doubt, video production is a long process. And it takes a lot of precision, courage and, perhaps, desire to make everything right. Including, coming up with unique shots, planning everything out with the least amount of mistakes as possible, finding the right actors, not messing up with the graphics and editing and so on. In other words, you do not want a second-rate video or movie, you want to be a pathfinder in what you are doing. It is a passion.

Hopefully, we were able to deliver our philosophy and approach to you. And it is already obvious to you, that we are a great match for your project. And if not, here are some key points you might find more interesting:

  • Velvet Line Studio has its base of actors, equipment, studio and crews.
  • We will help you connect all of the elements of the video production and save you from that headache.
  • We follow a grounded approach, whether it is a promotional clip or a movie.
  • Research on audiences, interests and ways of reaching out is guaranteed.

Importantly, your project will be executed by professionals who have 10+ years of experience in the field of media production. Including, the expertise in sound engineering, montage, marketing and management.

If the above-mentioned sounds interesting – contact us via e-mail or press the green button on your screen: “Call Now”.  You can also check out other articles here.

Till next time!

Written by

Nikita Podretsnev

Velvet Line Studio Creative Manager

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