Video Production and Video Advertising

Video production, video advertising, social media and YouTube advertisements are major activities in our agency. All of the activities involve a fundamental approach. Including, market research, audience research, product or service research and other essential elements to create a successful promotional video.


Video Production

Velvet Line Studio has over 10 years of experience in video production and telemarketing communications. Throughout these years, we were able to build our way both as sub-contractors for companies who already have scripts, and developers of our own ideas for companies, who have nothing, but a desire. Read more about video production in our blog series.


Social Media and YouTube

Velvet Line Studio creates the majority of its commercial video projects for social media and YouTube. Consequently, it involves adapting to suitable resolutions, placements and audience targeting.


Video Advertising

Velvet Line Studio takes each and every one of their projects with full responsibility. Not only preparing fundamentally for filmmaking but also conducts thorough research of the product/service, audience and market to achieve the best results.

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Music-Related Videos

Velvet Line Studio are keen on working with musicians and creative people. It's where and why we started our company! There are no words to express how we love doing all of our work and especially doing it with musicians in music-related projects, think of Spotify canvas, short promo for Instagram stories, youtube 5-second ad, interview or full music video clip.


There is a lot more, that we at Velvet Line, are ready to help you with!

Each case is unique. None of which is less important, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by pressing the green button on your screen: "Call Now" - if you are having an idea anyhow related to the video production.

"To give, re-discover, or amplify the brand's virtue is our duty"

- Arty Zuev, Velvet Line Studio Co-founder

For over 100 years marketing is playing an integral part between the brand and its environment. Marketing plays an important role to broadcast the right message to the eyes, ears and guts of the customer.

But whether or not the brand identity occupies the space brightened by the customers’ interest; whether or not the brand speaks to customers self-chosen to listen – depends on originality and tastefulness of the marketing creatives. 

With our 10+ years of experience in video production and telemarketing communications, in general, we are able to emphasize each brands identity and communicate the right message to their audiences.

We are perfectionists in our craft and close friends of critical thinking

 Rather than simply providing and performing novel ideas to our business clients, our experience in video production and telemarketing communications ensures that the artistic input is not alienated from the brand’s culture, vision, and market. Our vision is to establish a creative hub, where a constant inflow of new experts in moving image, fine art, soundscape, design and other fields ensures that every work we do is truly unique, actual and effective.