The production phase is the phase during which everything you have anticipated for so long is coming to life. Specifically, actors, sounds, lights, crews, objects – everything turns into a one living organism, serving one purpose – create the most epic, rich and vibrant picture ever existed. Consequently, this is what we at Velvet Line are experiencing every time on the filming day. Hopefully, you will execute your video production dreams with the alike approach or ask the professionals who live it that way.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is Video Production Phase?
  • The Procedure to Follow
  • Why Velvet Line Studio is a Good Choice For You?

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What is Video Production Phase?

The video production phase is a very interesting and engaging procedure. It is the phase of plan execution, which was made during the pre-production phase. It involves everything you have written down in the script and visualised in the storyboard. Video production would involve such things as the coordination of the actors, lights, cameras, crews and actual filming. In a word, to make it a flowing and symbiotic film it is wise to follow a certain procedure.

The Procedure to Follow

Also, we have learned, that the only way to finish a project efficiently is to follow a structured approach. Therefore, you are advised to follow a structure during the video production phase. To begin with, prepare your filming set, according to your script and storyboard, before the action starts.

Location and Equipment.

It is important to arrive at the location early to set up the equipment before you will need it. For example, if you are using camera sliders, dollies, different types of background screens, a bunch of LED lamps and other equipment, install them before you start using them. It will save time, believe me. Also, make a count and write down all the equipment you bring to the set not to leave anything behind.

Make-ups and Decorations.

Your actors, as well as props on the filming set, are valuable assets. Precisely, which immerse your viewers into the environment you are creating. Paying attention to the decorations and how your actors look like is essential. Consequently, they will help you to create a more vibrant picture. Thus, the action begins, it is wise to place the right decorations on to their spots and look after your actor’s clothing and make-up.

Aaaaand Action!

Everything is at its place. Decorations immerse you into the picture. Actors are so accustomed to their roles – you start to believe them. Lights and sounds supplement each other and create an even more immersing experience. If that’s what happens on your filming set – you are on the right track!

Here we are talking about video production in general, not giving a precise look at its niche branch: “Promotion videos”. The approach everywhere is the same. It is structured and to-the-point. No time and money wasted. However, it does not mean you should not be living through each of your unique projects.

Why Velvet Line Studio is a Good Choice For You?

By the end of this article, it should have already become clear, that we love to structure. And to live through! Not only we take our projects with full responsibility, but we also create an experience worth living through.

Hopefully, this article was helpful by giving not only our knowledge, but also our approach and philosophy in video production. Therefore, if you are looking for the professionals who would make outstanding video production work, consider the following:

  • We have our base of actors, studio, props, equipment and crews – ready to work on your project anytime.
  • We will help you connect all of the elements of the video production together.

Importantly, your project will be executed by professionals who have 10+ years of experience in the field of media production. Including, the expertise in sound engineering, montage, marketing and management.

If the above-mentioned sounds interesting – contact us via e-mail or press the green button on your screen: “Call Now”.  You can also check out other articles here.

Till next time!

Written by

Nikita Podretsnev

Velvet Line Studio Creative Manager

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