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Video Production and Video Advertising Agency

Promotion of products and services by the means of telemarketing communications




To begin with, we at Velvet Line Studio are able to help you with a whole bunch of video production and video advertising related activities. 


For example, such things as YouTube and social media promotion, creative development and video seeding - are the things we are dealing with on a daily basis. 


And, there is a lot more we are ready to help you with. Thus, why don't you read more about what we do?

We develop and create from scratch


All kinds of commercial videos, promotion videos for enterprises, image stories and much more... 

To appeal such business needs as informing customers, inducing sales, entertaining and engaging with the audience. Moreover, all of them are tailored to suit your audience specifics such as location, language, interests, triggers and so on.

TopEssay24 - Video for a header on the company website. Specifically, serves as an informative tool to the newcomers and already existing users.

SopaMeals - An informative video about the company's approach to its business. Specifically, serves as a tool to inform their customers of the precautions, which will be made during COVID-19 quarantine. 

Bona Fide Europe - Fast, energizing commercial clip for social media platforms, specifically, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, the video serves as a new product line awareness video to capture the attention of the viewer.

"How Much Does it Cost?"

Promotion video is the tool, which if executed correctly, will complete the job of 3 or even more sales managers.


Therefore, ask yourself: "How much does it cost to motivate, maintain and educate your sales managers?" Furthermore, consider that: the promotional clips, which are perfectly tailored to your business need and audience, will work for you 24/7 for a duration of 11 months, at least. Without any need for additional costs! Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

Moreover, you can take a look at our article, where the approximate costs of activities are shown.

Or you can, also, contact us via e-mail or by pressing the green button on your screen: "Call Now". 


Are you ready for your project to come to life?!


Don't hesitate to contact us or use the green "Call Now" button on your screen and let's figure it out together!

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